RENOS - WHERE TO START #2 What was I trying to accomplish?

If you have not already checked out RENOS-WHERE TO START #1 THE HORROR STORIES OF INSPIRATION, pause and have a look and come right back.

I LOVE doing renovations. The entire process is very cleansing, creative and rewarding. We bought a 100 year old home several years ago knowing that the previous owner was unable to do any sort of updating for many years and we would have the pleasure of bringing this beauty up to the date.

The house was, and still is, in a desperate need of entire gut job to be honest. I don't have a spare $100 000 laying in a forgotten bank account somewhere in the Grand Caymon's, so we needed to figure out an approach to tackling this lath & plaster, wonky floors, 70's wood paneling show piece.

We always start with this question: What are we trying to accomplish with this renovation?
We first started in the master bedroom. There was an "odd" smell…that wonderful moldy/mildew smell that brings thoughts of BLACK MOLD to mind. The remainder of the house was solid. Everything worked and was functional. Not the most up to date, but certainly livable for however long needed.

What had been happening is the radiant hot water heating system had been leaking from one of the corner joints in the master bedroom. SO, up came the carpet, and sure enough it had been leaking for quite some time. This is something that needed be to be fixed and addressed. We had already been looking at a basic paint job but with the water damaged flooring, we decided to do a full renovation, find what else needed at be fixed and do it right.

This renovation was driven by a need to correct something that would eventually cause bigger issues down the road (massive water leak, most likely while we are out of town, and mold). We could have simply repaired the defective pipe, but since we were new homeowners and we had no idea how long the leak was present, we couldn't imagine sleeping in a room with potential mold issues.

Any scale of renovations must be entered with thought, planning and foresight to ensure the end result is a success and done without wasting time and money.

What are YOU trying to accomplish with this renovation?

  1. Increase the Resale Value
    • You have no immediate desire to sell but you are wanting to keep this in consideration. You see your property as an investment in the short term not something you are going to retire in. The changes you make (big or small) keep the market, trends in mind.
    • Many ideas WE prefer are not always great for resale. You might love pink wall paper, but your realtor does NOT. That’s fine if you’re going to be in that house for the next 20 yrs. 
  2. Selling/Listing the house in the Near Future
    • You are very focused on what is selling and what is not selling in a competitive market. Keeping colors and d├ęcor simple and neutral. 
    • You are NOT looking to spend a boat load of money. What is the biggest bang for the smallest buck? 
    • Fresh coat of paint, decluttering, some wall art or staging, a new light fixture in the dining room, maybe adding a tiled back splash and at the extreme end perhaps ripping out some really old/warn out carpet with a low coast vinyl or laminate flooring. 
  3. Flipping 
    • 100% investment. You are looking to sell quickly and make a profit. 
    • If this is you, this is no small project. Anything from new paint, fixtures, doors and trim, to full kitchen and bathroom renos. No small task. 
  4. Face lift: Modernization/Aesthetics 
    • Most people. You have a property, love it but want to make it yours. You want to make it feel like it’s your home. 
    • Other than the big two reno rooms (kitchens and bathrooms) these are usually about putting your creative style and identity on the house. A mixture of renovation and styling. 
    • Updating the look for current color trends or design ideas. Remember, that classic 70/80’s wall paneling was the hottest trend at one point. Mustard colored shag carpeting? Why? 
    • Fresh paint, new lighting, perhaps flooring, crown molding, new furniture and the token throw pillows. We have soooo many pillows. My dog just loves them. 
  5. Full GUT 
    • The classic 70’s style home in the year 2018. This may be you but also will involve some contractors to some extent, $$$$ and time. 
  6. Upgrade/Replace Damage 
    • “Well, since we are doing this we might as well…” It’s amazing how many other things get an upgrade when a water pipe burst. 
    • It’s just easier and more cost effective to take care of certain issues all at once. 
    • For me, any older home, electrical sockets and switches are often an immediate upgrade while the painting is being done. 1) Modernize 2) the contacts in electrical outlets wear out and electrical cords actually fall out in some cases. Updates the look and functionality since you will roll paint across at least one socket you didn’t cover in tape;)
TIP OF THE DAY: Try to think long term. If you know your going to have to open up a wall or upgrade this or that, is the time and money worth spending now on a face lift? Maybe, maybe not. A little planning goes a long way.

Once you have determine the scale of what your goals are, we will look into the atmosphere or feel that you are hoping to create with this new renovation so that you can move onto the planning phase and the fun stuff!

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