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Renos Where to Start #8 Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in DIY Renovations

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With the advent of DIY and home renovation TV shows, home renovations and remodeling has been on the rise. Other than the recession of 2008, home improvement and repair expenditures has increased by over 120 billion USD since 2001.

More and more people are jumping into renovations with two feet, taking on new challenges and getting their hands dirty. But with any DIY type endeavors, there are bound to be mistakes made.

Here are our top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in DIY Renovations.  Design PlanningHiring a designer can be costly on a tight budget or for a small project but they have vast knowledge and experience.Ever walk into a room and think "what where they thinking?" Remember the trampoline in the living room? The more complex the room the more there is to consider. Kitchens & bathrooms,  Electrical, plumping & HVAC have not only ke…

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