CFL Bulbs Explained!

Well it took a little more than a week, but here it finally is. CFL bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, are the second most efficient lighting choice right behind LED's. Why?

If you have not already read No Love for Tungsten or A Halo of Tungsten, we have been working through the various light bulbs options that are still available in North America. Tungsten based bulbs are on their way out leading to a greater demand for CFL's and LED bulbs. But is this a good thing? 

In the following video find out why CFL's are more efficient than the old Tungsten filament light bulbs. This might be a little heavy on the science but I tried to keep it light (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist :). Wouldn't you know, light bulbs are complicated. 

I just happen to be a science guy that sells lights. 

As you decide what lighting fixture you will need for your new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room remodel, the bulbs you place into those fixtures can dramatically influence the amount and color of light that the fixture emits. Also, LED's and CFL bulbs are efficient but are not the best choice in all situations such as in cold outdoor areas or bathrooms.

In the age of energy efficiency and high energy prices, it is important to choose a bulb that not only gives you the light you need but also will be efficient and cost effective to operate. In future blog posts we will look at how the bulb type determines the type of light that it produces. Fluorescent bulbs are cheep to operate BUT are also not the most flattering.

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